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We are more of a retirement home than a matchmaking service! Sugar glider, ferret, hedgehog, a small parrot, silkie chicken, crested gecko, ball python, tree frog and a rabbit. Our own white tiger, Zena, has suffered from eye problems for many years, and in had to have one of her eyes removed due to glaucoma.

Meet and interact with a variety of snakes and lizards plus a tortoise, hedgehog, chinchilla, and bunny rabbit. They are too old. The children will be laughing throughout their Safari Science Science show experience as we impress them with epic experiments that also include dry ice!

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Some also have genetic conditions which we don't want them to pass on. Snuggle and cuddle your favourite pets from chinchillas to bunny rabbits and everything in between.

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There has been so much inbreeding in their history that they are now prone to serious health problems. Caring for cubs is a big commitment.

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Our tigers act as ambassadors for their species, and we hope that visiting them will inspire our visitors to care about efforts to protect them.

Their bloodlines are impure or unknown.

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Children will meet fascinating animals, that also make great pets. Read about our tiger project in India. This is for a few reasons: In particular, breeding white tigers is not ethical practise.

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This animal adventure is sure to please anyone who loves and adores animals. Touch and hold the coolest reptiles from around the world.

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This is fun and safe animal experience that will impress everyone in the room. Our expert presenters keep the audience engaged by keeping the show relatable and humorous.

Science Workshops for Birthday Parties. Meet and interact with adorable animals including a hamster, guinea pig, tree frog, gecko, turtle, dove, chinchilla, hedgehog and a bunny rabbit.

Every child attending will have a chance to experience an exciting science experiment. Our tiger conservation work focuses on education and protecting tigers in the wild.

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The zoo is now home to five tigers, two of whom have circus backgrounds. This show has animals that everyone will enjoy.