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No matter what curveballs are thrown at you in life, your family helps you get through it.

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When we knew the show was going to be in its final season, we decided that the story with Zeek would be the central story of the season.

It was kind of inspired by the end of Friday Night Lights.

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Parenthood fans, were you pleased with the series finale? The music video for his single Can I Live told the story of how he was almost aborted before his mother changed her mind.

Did you come up with a backstory for how he and Amber would have met?

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We had this idea that we wanted to see Amber down the road a few years. When we started breaking specifically what those last few episodes would look like, I kept being bothered by the fact that the series would end with somebody dying.

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It seemed to suggest more celebratory times. And in that same scene, he acknowledges Sarah getting married and moving on.

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The unexpected nature of it; I was really drawn to that. In the final episode, we did flash-forwards to all of our characters and where they ended up.

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By juxtaposing the death against the family continuing to expand and thrive, that would give it the music of life. While appearing on The Breakfast Club radio show this past week Nick said that Planned Parenthood was committing 'real genocide' against black Americans Planned Parenthood offers some services in addition to abortion, including STD testing, treatment, and vaccines, pregnancy testing and birth control.

Vice president-elect Mike Pence first introduced a bill to eliminate their funding as a member of Congress in Every time a donation is made, he receives a letter of thanks to his office. And it's been like that for years,' adding: The star added that 'this system is not built for us' He has declared that as part of the Donald Trump administration he will seek to overturn Roe vs Wade, a move that would return control of abortion laws to the states.

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If you need to pause to dab at your eyes, we totally understand. Since Trump's election victory, a social media campaign has resulted in more than 50, donations made to Planned Parenthood in Pence's name.

Creator Jason Katims is right there with you. I felt like the montage really served as a juxtaposition to that. And he came in to do it, and it was magic.

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It was a really nice moment, and it was painful to cut it. To me, the thesis statement of that montage afterwards reminded me of the thesis statement of the whole show: