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Noticing the rainbow in Elina's eyes, Laverna offers Elina the gift of what she had always wanted: Vowing revenge, Gothel stole Rapunzel and Wilhelm, accusing Frederick of stealing her, began the feud between the two kingdoms. Meanwhile, Anneliese, with the help of her white pet cat Seraphina, manages to escape Preminger's men, only to be caught by Madame Carp, Erika's mean Barbie ken dating games, and put to work, mistaking her for Erika despite Anneliese's blonde hair.

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Meanwhile, Rapunzel escapes the tower because she is not a liar and journeys to the palace on Penelope, who has managed to overcome her fear of heights and fly past the enchanted wall, meeting up with Stefan, Gothel, and a dueling Frederick and Wilhelm.

Azura also requests that Elina hold on to her Guardian Necklace containing her blue power for her without explaining her reasons. Overview[ edit ] From to the debut of Superstar Ken inKen had straight, nonbendable arms and a head that could only turn left and right.

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He requests that Erika pretend to be Anneliese for a short while so he can trip Preminger into revealing Anneliese's location. Following it, she crosses a waterfall and winds up in The Enchanted Foreststopping to pluck a stuck crystal from a large tree.

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They search for the book the whole night but are unable to find it. Using it to paint the grassland she went to the previous time, Rapunzel enters the landscape and meets the young man again, who is revealed to be Prince Stefan of the kingdom. The style of the doll was thought to resemble fashions and accessories worn by some segments of the gay community at the time, and "Earring Magic Ken" subsequently attained a cult following, becoming a collector's item.

Rothbart and Odile spend their days being a cuckoo clock and cleaning out the forest vault respectively.

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Rapunzel's ordinary, boring life changes when she finds a silver hairbrush in a secret underground storage room, a message engraved on it addressed to Rapunzel from "Mother and Father", as well as a way out into the open past the forest and wall to the local village and royal palace, where she meets a kind young man after saving his younger sister.

Queen Rayla tells Annika about a mythical Wand of Light that can undo his spells, but has to be forged by very special and cryptic materials: Lying to the Queen that she has died, Preminger reveals Erika as an impostor and throws her in prison, as well as Preminger convince the Queen to remarry and take him as her new husband instead, targeting her while she is in despair Barbie ken dating games Anneliese's supposed death under the false pretext of having a fortune to help the people.

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Daniel and Rothbart clash there as Rothbart steals the crystal but accidentally turns Odile into a pig, and the Fairy Queen retrieves Odette. Breaking all of Wenlock's spells and reverting him to his former pitiful beggar state, his three wives force him to work as how he had tyrannised over them before.

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The couple awake and embrace, moving the ball to the Enchanted Forest where Odette reunites with her father and Marie. To encourage her, Barbie tells her the story based on Tchaikovsky 's Swan Lake. Lilia, the unicorn, offers to accompany Odette to the vault.

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