Archaeological Sites and Museums in Crete Archaeological Sites and Museums in Crete

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Wild game is now extinct on Crete.

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The palace covered an area of about 9, m2. Nearly all the tablets, written in the Linear B script, seem to be inventories of goods or resources.

Highlights are the sculptures from the temple of Zeus Pediment and Metopes from the early classical era, and the superb statue of Hermes of Praxiteles from the late classiclal period.

Tavernas and pedalo rental shops line part of the shore. Inby law of the Cretan government, it was appointed as thte place of stay for the lepers of Crete.

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Its mild, purely Mediterranean climate, without any abrupt fluctuations, is considered to be one of the healthiest and most pleasant climates, all year long. About Welcome This site contains information about the prehistoric archaeology of the Aegean.

Further Byzantine campaigns in and failed. Moreover, the land fertility, combined with the favorable climatic conditions, is a guarantee for the self- sufficiency of the prefecture, as far as the agricultural, farming and garden products are concerned, products which are renowned for their highest quality and taste.

Off the north coast, Ida islet is part of the prefecture. Society and culture[ edit ] The Minoans were primarily a mercantile people who engaged in overseas trade.

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Some scholars have suggested that it is a harvest festival or ceremony to honor the fertility of the soil. The Minoans developed oval-shaped holes in their tools to fit oval-shaped handles, which prevented spinning.

The residence of the mythical Radamanthes, the palace was also the nucleus of a setllement inhabited since the Neolithic age.

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The ability to enlarge images to get a closer look at the details. Two clay cups from Knossos had remnants of ink, and inkwells similar to animal-shaped Mesopotamian inkstands have been found.

Although the hieroglyphs are often associated with the Egyptians, they also indicate a relationship to Mesopotamian writings.

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The strong northwesterly wind, the meltemi, moderates even the hottest months of July and August. Here you will find the heart of activities for tourists.

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Some of the most characteristic natural beauties of the Cretan scenery consist of the famous Cretan gorges which begin at the mountainous areas of the island and end to the sea. On the other hand, in contrast to Knossos, the frescoes decorating the walls were relatively scanty, the unpainted floors and walls being covered with a lining of pure white gypsum.

InJews expelled from Spain settled on the island. The fresco known as the Sacred Grove at Knossos depicts women facing left, flanked by trees. Towards its close, for which the minimum dating is 20, B.

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