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How did these aspects influence the formation of urban identity? This workshop concentrates on playful programming applications such as Scratch, Micro: Network Analysis in Archaeology.

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Given the richness of the material assemblage urban practices, which constitute the response patterns that form and are formed by life in the town, can be studied in detail. Vilhelm Werners Plads make it possible to elucidate the nature of this spatial regulation and structuring.

For example, the remains of streets and booths excavated at I. Establishment of the Centre for Urban Network Evolutions UrbNet in presents a unique opportunity to develop research into urbanity and urban networks in a global perspective.

Permanency in Early Medieval Emporia: Most recently, the Entrepot project has carried out pilot studies focussing on networks and urbanity as reflected in material trends from AD From an actor-network perspective, people and artefacts are perceived as being bound together in complex relationships Latour Programming experience is NOT required to participate!

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And what significance do differences in the development of the town's functions have relative to the project's questions and problems about urbanity and identity? Through this workshop, we look into playful approaches to programming to explore how visuals help us to understand what is going on in a program — and when more visuals would be beneficial to help understand the concepts of programming.

This material therefore provides a basis for studying a number of urban practices, such as organisation of the infrastructure, handling of refuse and resource exploitation and various crafts and industries.

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The purpose of the workshop is to introduce participants to the potential of animation and production, both as a tool for the dissemination of knowledge and as a method for the further development of their own practice within teaching and education Workshop 2: Over 60 dating ukrainian conditions for preservation, combined with the large size of the investigated area, have provided a rare insight into the development, from the Early to the Late Middle Ages, of almost an entire block, from the street through backyards to the alleyway beyond, with an extensive finds assemblage and well-preserved structures such as booths, houses, byres and stables, latrines, paths, roads, fences, refuse depots and much more.

Odensepp This approach has few precedents in urban archaeological investigations but is central to illumination of the project's core problems and questions.

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The purpose of the workshop is to try out ideas for visual learning using VR technologies. Nya stadsarkeologiska horisonter Sverige b.

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Agency theory highlights how the individual influences society through their conscious actions, including the creation and use of material culture. Networks have played a crucial role in the formation of urban identity as they have facilitated an exchange of material culture, practices and norms.

The emphasis has thereby shifted from power configurations and topography to the town's individual inhabitants.

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The sculpture was the starting point for the development of a cross-disciplinary teaching course that is being tested while the sculpture is Dating arrangementer odense in Vejle in autumn By employing a strictly managed contextual method of excavation, through reflexive interpretation of the formation of the cultural deposits, a focus on stratigraphic observations and grouping of data already in the excavation phase, aimed at a general overarching interpretation, as well as strategically-based recovery of zoological material and sampling for scientific analyses, the great potential of the site data has been realised Thomasson The session will bring Dating arrangementer odense ideas derived from the morning sessions and enhance the synergy between different areas of expertise.

Urban practices see particular expression in the regulation and structuring of public space. The project focuses on religious fundamentalism and is based on quotes that show the bright and dark sides of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Odense Carelli, Peter: The present project focuses on the subsequent period, namely AD The workshop presents and discusses how its visuality and meaning may provide cross-disciplinary learning processes in secondary schools.

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This research perspective is central to the present project and is rendered operational via foundation in agency theory and the tangible material culture. InOdense City Museums carried out total excavation of an area of m2 at the site of I. This workshop focuses on how VR may be used for visual learning experiences in diverse domains e.

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Introduction to Becoming a ViLDer The central research questions are: