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Other names you will come across this week are Auto sacramental, which is equivalent to a passion play, many texts dating back to the 17th century and still widely performed in churches today.

Each parade is different, each town and village is different. However, she is eventually vanquished. After season sevenDarryl and his family move to the East Coast. While still a student, Spicer had earned a patent for his groundbreaking design of the first practical universal joint to power an automobile.

1910 - 1919

In season sixChris reveals that he is actually Leo and Piper's son and that he traveled back in time to prevent his older brother Wyatt Jason and Kristopher Simmons from growing up to be the evil dictator he becomes in the future.

When both Sheridans appear in Prue's office, Jack tells her that Jeff is his twin brother. Many of the pieces which parade today are 20th century as so many masterpieces were destroyed in the early days of the Spanish Civil War. The Ed will never forget the night that as a newly arrived, bewildered ex-pat, who spoke no Spanish and had inadvertantly bought a house with a station fixed on its wall, I followed the crowd who were outside my front door with no knowledge of what was happening, intrigued by the soldiers, the strange figures in sackcloth and the accompanying donkey, to witness the simulated crucifiction of a man in the church square of Moratalla, with the darkness and the wind howling as the cross was raised, blood pouring from the ropes that tied his wrists to the cross, lit by a solitary spotlight as the silent crowd of hundreds stood mesmerised watching him "die.

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Dana people continue their passionate pursuit of innovation. Having done so, Hannah reverts to her human form before being vanquished herself by an unknown force. As Dana Incorporated embarks on its second century, it continues to build on this proud heritage. The wand belonged to Tuatha Brigid Brannagha powerful evil witch from the 18th century.

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Rodriguez then kills his partner with his powers, thus revealing his demonic nature. Leo Wyatt Leo Wyatt played by Brian Krause is the Halliwell sisters' whitelighter —a guardian angel for good witches—who has the powers to orb, heal, sense, glamour and hover.

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Leo is introduced into season one as the Halliwell sisters' handyman who is hired to fix up their house, [20] but they later discover that he is actually their whitelighter. This causes them to have a fight.

San benito, zamarra or abito and the designs vary from place to place. Rodriguez says he is worried about the number of unsolved cases Trudeau and Darryl Morris seemingly abandoned and believes Andy is covering for someone.

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Decades later, inhe says, "I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't gone into the Spicer company. While the sisters face Rex and Hannah, Leo Brian Krausewho was believed to be a handyman, performs magic on the sisters' Book of Shadows and returns the powers to the girls.

They take many forms, and as we near Semana Santa it is quite common for the Via Crucis to take the form of a theatrical representation, with performers acting out each station as it is reached, or in others, the reading of text and prayers are offered.

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To Victor's surprise, Chris is excited to see him and he tells Victor that they have a very close relationship in the future.