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This means the amp is producing what is called crossover distortion and cannot produce a good warm clean tone to start with. A final bias setting of between 36 to 40mA of plate current per tube measured with a bias probe is a good setting.

Marshall was ahead of the curve for this particular sound with the coveted JCMbut Peavey offered its take on that circuit with the Butcher and VTM series. There is plenty of adjustment especially in the EL34 mode to fry any tube!

Solid State Dominance

Tip Take a photograph of your amplifier and attach it to an email if submitting a question to Peavey or Clicker dating online appraiser. The XXX has the damping feature on the rear panel but we have found that the tight and medium settings are pretty useless for a Dating peavey 5150 full sound, so you guys that have never tried the loose setting you should give it a shot.

The amp is still creating smiles and running strong! The RM preamp is one of the nicest and most versatile preamps for the price. When you let our partners use cookies to collect similar data that we do on our sites, they can provide ads on our sites that they think match your interests, like deals related to products you love, and measure, report and analyse your interactions with them.

It simply does not have the low end grunt and raw sound that the original had. There are a lot of amp techs out there that have attended technical trade schools or have taken a couple college courses and have no real understanding of how and why vacuum tubes work.

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The 55 volts that Peavey recommends at the test points for 6L6GC's is on the other hand, on the cool side but using the test points is so completely inaccurate we simply cannot warranty tubes to players who use the test points to bias these amps! These tubes do not draw any more current than EL34's do so no resistor issues and they sound great with a big chunky low end and a very harmonically rich mid and high end.

Both models were high-wattage, solid-state amplifiers that included simple features for the working musician. This amp does have an adjustable bias but the available sweep is pretty narrow and the only way to get the power tubes out of crossover distortion is to lower the resistance to the circuit and once again this is a very easy mod and well worth it.

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The Classic 20 is a gem for a small cheap combo. As far as the bias goes they are the same. So if you're biasing 6L6's and the bias will not get up above 34mA then adjust it down to about 20mA and put the amp in standby. The has a usable clean.

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Peavey and amps. The Dating peavey 5150 is an excellent speaker with a top end chime second to none. Peaveys are known for their innovative circuitry, being built like tanks and for being affordable enough for musicians at every level, across the globe.

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I do prefer the older amp a little to work on because the traces were a touch thicker. Moral of the story? The drive channel is pretty good adding a nice smooth distortion when using good tubes.

- Hartley Peavey

These are all early Peavey amps that are 6L6 based and steadily progressed ending up with the Ultra and Ultra plus. Read the amplifier technical specifications to assist you in dating your amplifier.

I have heard it in the combo, and while not the most spectacular reverb by any means, I Caravan sites with water hook up heads that have the option. The Peavey amp forum used to be one of the only real open forums on the net, but unfortunately this changed the summer of and now if you post something that Peavey doesn't like your post will be deleted.

The power tubes while running just under plate volts are only drawing about 10 to 12 milliamps of plate current. Then set the bias select switch to the EL34 mode. Peavey seems to favor 6L6 power tubes, and at watts this head could do the job for any situation.