Millions of LinkedIn & eHarmony Passwords Stolen Millions of LinkedIn & eHarmony Passwords Stolen

Dating site passwords stolen, dossier: ondernemen is anders kijken

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Russo claims he's merely a security researcher, who had discovered a security hole on Plentyoffish, which was already "under active exploitation by hackers. Another 63 million come from adult webcam site Cams.

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The story gets even more convoluted as Chris Russo's side of the story is revealed in a blog post on Grumo Media. Immediately upon learning this information, we took several steps to review the situation and bring in the right external partners to support our investigation.

He writes that he entered his email address and a password into the Match. Do not reuse your old password when creating your new password. It means that anyone can use something called a "packet analyser" to see what's going on behind the scenes.

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If you have been using your old LinkedIn password on other sites, we recommend that you change those passwords too. Thank you, Visited 21 times, 1 visits today Related Posts.

Significantly less information about users has been leaked, however — while Ashley Madison included everything from photos and sexual preferences to addresses, the Friend Finder breach is limited to more basic information like email addresses, passwords, and registration dates.

We immediately launched an investigation and we have reason to believe that your password was included in the post.

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Frind then claims that Russo tried to extort money from him, to which he responded by threatening to sue. As a precaution, we disabled your password, and advise you to take the following steps to reset it. The above is the most important bit of info for Plentyoffish users, but the actual story of the hack and how it occurred is very confusing and differs highly depending on who you believe.

While a small subset of the passwords was decoded and published, we do not believe yours was among them. According to Markus Frind, who described the hack and the events that followed in detail on his personal blogPlentyoffish was hacked by Argentinian hacker Chris Russo, who did it under his own name, without taking precaution to hide his identity.

By Stan Schroeder Follow the on-screen directions to reset your password Note: Ars Technica reporter Dan Goodin used a packet analyser called Wireshark to uncover the vulnerabilities in Match. On the front end of a website, you don't see the inner workings of all this, but with the right tools, you can — and that's where the passwords can be uncovered if websites don't use the right security measures.

Companies such as Match. The website's login page has had an error active for weeks, Ars Technica reports. The entire blog post is interesting Casual dating phone calls due to its weirdness, as it involves a shady business partner, Frind e-mailing Russo's mother, and hints about Russo's other hack-and-extort operations.

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Worse, while the 8 million passwords posted represent only a small portion of the total users of the sites, some security experts suspect that the hacker s may have access to the full password list and only posted those that they were having difficulty cracking.

At this point it's hard to understand what really happened; but the part of the story everyone seems to agree on is that a very popular dating site has been hacked and that users' passwords and other personal details possibly even PayPal accounts were compromised.

Multiple huge data breaches have come to light in recent months though some occurred years agoincluding the theft of million MySpace accountsa LinkedIn hack that took more than million accounts, and the mammoth million-account hack of Yahooapparently by a state-sponsored actor.

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The security hole has been fixed, Markus says, and all the passwords have been reset. HTTP is the data used by websites to transmit information online. Put as simply as possible: The website has failed to follow basic security practises and millions of members are said to still be in danger of having their passwords stolen.

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