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It should be understood, however, that the date of His departure from this world is established on the information in the epic and on the basis of [astronomical] simulations, and it turns out to be BCE. In some Hindu texts, Rama is stated to have lived in the Treta yuga or Dvapar yuga that their authors estimate existed before about 5, BCE, while a few others place Rama to have lived in67 or 8 BCE.

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While using other forms of planetary computer software, others have come up with other dates. The kingdom of Kosala is also mentioned in Buddhist and Jaina texts, as one of the sixteen Maha janapadas of ancient India, and as an important center of pilgrimage for Jains and Buddhists.

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This data was fed into the software. Once the ancient Brahmi text was translated, the historical significance of the column became ever more apparent. Naturally, scholars have different views on when He may have existed.

There are several shlokas in Valmiki Ramayan which indicate that Shri Ram was years-old when he left Ayodhya for exile. When these are put together with the retrograde motion of Mars before reaching Jyestha, this leads to the unique date of BCE for the date of the war, which was previously proposed by Professor Raghavan.

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Rama states that his father should keep his word, adds that he does not crave for earthly or heavenly material pleasures, neither seeks power nor anything else.

Matchmaking servers cs go the Indian traditions, particularly Rama, the story is about a divine human, a mortal god, incorporating both into the exemplar who transcends both humans and gods.

This would help verify the ancient date of Lord Rama to be around 18 million years ago.

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The information about His birth can be gathered from the Harivamsha and the Bhagavata Purana Mr Pushkar Bhatnagar of the Indian Revenue Service entered the relevant details about the planetary positions narrated by Maharishi Valmiki and obtained very interesting and convincing results, which determine the important dates starting from the birth of Shri Ram to the date of his coming back to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.

Furthermore, this is corroborated by Rupa Goswami in his Laghu Bhagavatamrita that Rama appeared in the Treta-yuga of the 24th yuga cycle.

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In Brockington's view, "based on the language, style and content of the work, a date of roughly the fifth century BCE is the most reasonable estimate". On the basis of planetary configurations described in various other chapters, the date on which Ravana was killed works out to be December 4, BC, and Shri Ram completed 14 years of exile on 2 January BCE.

The region has numerous Rama temples and is an important Vaishnava pilgrimage site. He talks about his decision with his wife and tells everyone that time passes quickly.

Roderick Hindery [62] As a person, Rama personifies the characteristics of an ideal person purushottama[44] He had within him all the desirable virtues that any individual would seek to aspire, and he fulfils all his moral obligations.

The Heliodorus column also indicates that the Vedic tradition accepted converts at that time. Rama ultimately reaches Lanka, fights in a war that has many ups and downs, but ultimately prevails, kills Ravana and forces of evil, and rescues his wife Sita.

In the Indian tradition, states Richman, the social value is that "a warrior must never harm a woman".

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Rama also adds, such as in section 4. Additional evidence that can help establish the time of Lord Krishna was in Mohenjodaro, where a tablet dated to BCE was found which depicts Lord Krishna in His childhood days. Patnaik, had calculated the date of the starting of the Mahabharata war to be October 16, BCE from references available in the epic itself.

Rama-chandra, as the seventh avatar of Vishnu and of the ancient Ramayana fame. Narahari Achar again describes: Thus Shri Ram had come back to Ayodhya at the age of 39 Rama and Sita live happily together in Ayodhya, have twin sons named Luv and Kush, in the Ramayana and other major texts.

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Lord Rama appeared in the Solar Dynasty, but even the time frame of His appearance may shed more light on the antiquity of Vedic culture. For example, the Vayu Purana Through death, he joins her in afterlife.