Ex Astris Scientia - Star Trek Discovery (DIS) Season 1 Ex Astris Scientia - Star Trek Discovery (DIS) Season 1

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Cooked tomatoes are a great source of lycopene. The second is that it would lead to confusion with the star systems A through C of the 40 Eridani trinary system.

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On the other hand, with the explicit violence cracking Klingon necksthe mention of sexual mistreatment of prisoners and Lorca's disreputable past the series further proceeds into a dark territory that I am afraid of.

The title seems to refer to Sarek's memory about not admitting Michael to the Expeditionary Group, although we may argue he just remained silent about it instead of suppressing this memory.

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Detractors of Starfleet ships love to refer to the design as "pizza cutters". T'Kuvma was going to war anyway, so the Shenzhou became the first victim of his crusade only by chance. She comes back to the bridge with a quite unusual proposal: This is apparently supposed to explain the "steampunk" look of the transporter, unlike the ones seen on any earlier or later Starfleet ships.

There are several flaws in outfits and equipment: Even compared to the lead Anr dating of the series, the Discovery, the "old" Shenzhou looks like a much more advanced design.

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Why would the Discovery leave Corvan II immediately anyway? But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

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Lorca destroys the remaining Klingon ships, and just the Klingon ships, with mines or torpedoes. But does the war with its missing story opportunity to show a peaceful spirit and a positive vision of the future exonerate Discovery? Context is for kings.

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Save files can corrupt randomly, forcing you to start from the beginning. Can a drive system that is close to being fully functional the Glenn traveled to the Beta Quadrant still become such a total failure that it would never even be mentioned again?

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Several players and news outlets such as Polygon expressed this upon reaching the endgame, as none of the multiple endings provide a satisfactory conclusion or bring Joseph Seed to justice.

Michael Burnham died in the attack, and was revived by the katra transfer.

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The clear intention of the writer was to lighten up the story again in the final loop, after all the killing that has been going on in the previous ones. Whether this is true or not, Mudd challenges Starfleet in a similar way as it happened especially on DS9.

There is some action in the form of a "monster hunt" that I don't mind because it is very conventional.

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The story brings to mind TOS: We have to give the Klingons a Vulcan hello. The Andorian Gamma Hydra colony is 6 light years away. This Discovery episode is also very graphic in the depiction of the disfigured bodies on the USS Glenn. On the downside, the unique perspective of the prisoner on the ship and its crew only adds to the overall cold, even depressive atmosphere of this episode.

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What happened to the USS Crossfield?