Hunter Bay Lodge


Jigging for Lakers

Summer Lake Trout fishing is our favorite.  The Lake Trout move into the deep water sometime after July 1st.  The fish congregate in the morning and  evenings at underwater reefs and shelves. 

The most productive method is to move from hole to hole staying no longer that 45 minutes.  We use 2, 3 and sometime 4 ounce jigs.  The main colors are white, red, black and orange, but almost anything could work.  For bait we use pork rinds and two tail power baits.  You cast or just drop the heavy jig and let it go all the way to the bottom.  A good hard pull followed by fast winding produces the best results. 

It is an incredible feeling when a 10lb or larger Lake Trout stops your hook dead in its tracks and strips out your line as it makes a run for the deep water.


Casting/Trolling for Pike

Pike fishing is very popular on the lake during all seasons.  Moving from bay to bay working the weed beds, trolling the shorelines, and working the rock points. 

A wide variety of hooks work for pike.  Almost any spoon the size of a #2 Len Thompson or larger may be the best for any given day.  Spinners and plugs of all sizes are also used very frequently.


The Walleye fishing has been very strong over the past 5 years on La Ronge.  Pickerel bay is the most popular fishing hole on the lake.

One hook that always works well is a pickerel rig with a night crawler or a single tail white power bait.  Green, yellow and orange spinners were the most common.

We produced a lot of big Walleye using 2 and 3/4" Gold/Fluorescent Red or Perch colored Rapala.