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It is a large sand patch with fragmented patches of coral reef, great for finding shark teeth. Look up and out into the blue for Free dating site in kzn schools of game fish, and other large fish and white-tip reef sharks or even the occasional hammerhead shark.

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You can also visit the tiny town of Shakaskraal - the site of Shaka's royal military homestead and today home to many traditional African healers.

Inland, at KwaDukuza-Stanger, you can see a memorial to the king, built on his gravesite.

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The complex also includes a snake pit, Crocodile pool and magnificent dining area where first class traditional meals are served.

Visit Indian temples in KwaDuzuka-Stanger or pop in at the colourful markets to pick up authentic food, curios and spices at bargain prices. Aliwal Shoal forms the crown of a Marine Protected Area, meaning that no form of fishing is allowed on the dive sites.

Raggies Cave, one of the most popular dive sites on Aliwal Shoal, boasts numerous species of fish, coral and sponge encrusted rocks in the area make for interesting critter viewing including various nudibranchs, eels, stonefish and much more. The coast can be explored by boat, providing front row seats from which to watch the dolphins at play, or on horseback or by microlight, which offers a bird's-eye view of this spectacular region.

The first being that on her Maiden Voyage from Durban to Sunderland she hit the pinnacles. It is one of the few places on Aliwal Shoal where you can lose sight of your buddy because of the amount of small fish in the water.

While diving, look up every now and then as you may see hammerheads passing or a bull shark chasing down a ray.

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They can be seen all year round, frolicking in the warm waters just offshore. The second rumour being that she was carrying a heavy load of bridge materials which was incorrectly packed. Also look out for various other attractions such as cuttlefish, moray eels and other special critters that your dive master will show you.

The Produce is home to the mighty brindle bass, harlequin goldies, lionfish, salmon and kingfish as well as an abundance of other colourful tropical fish.

She is m long and lies on her starboard side at about 32m deep. While beaches, battle sites and heritage routes comprise the major North Coast attractions, the coastal towns of Ballito, Salt Rock, Umdloti and Zinkwazi offer up endless North Coast activities.

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Tony Janssen aka Cook, is still manning the Umkomaas River mouth launch site to this day. She turned over and sank in heavy seas with her cargo of railway materials on the 20 May and is now a national monument.

The wreck has started to break up in the last few years and penetration dives are not advised. Chunnel Cave is the ideal dive site for Open Water Divers that want to experience sharks, turtles, rays and much more.