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Feel the Burn Benny receives an unwelcome gift after having sex with her younger boyfriend, Randy. Angie decided to home-school her for a while after the expulsion, but Carmen grew tired of the home-schooling and spending so much time with her, and was sent to St.

Carmen attended public school until she was transferred to Allendale Preparatory School after her ex-boyfriend spread rumors and lies about sleeping with her, getting her labeled as the school "whore".

Carmen's Dating

Although they have the occasional rift, Carmen seems to love Max a lot and Max seems to love his sister the same. Though Carmen is a kind teenager, she always knows how to scare her parents into letting her do what she wants. Regardless, he caved in and allowed him to live at their home.

Carmen has been seen pregnant only once in the episode George Searches for a Needle in a Haight-Stack during the opening dream sequence.

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She sometimes wears clothes to impress others. Dubya, Dad, and Dating Pt. This, in which, obviously shocks him. The university she went to was "Northern Vermont State".

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Angie tells Max to give back the gifts along with one of his toys; Max immediately gives the puzzle which is really hard due to being a picture of a polar bear in the snow to the dumb kid, who asks "Why I am getting punished?

Theresa's Catholic School which was her only option left. Appearance Carmen is a fair Fox detroit dating spot girl with brown hair, brown eyes. Unfortunately, George triggers an argument between the brothers and must soon choose sides.

But since Angie is successful with her cosmetics business, she gets to make the financial decisions in the family now--to George's chagrin.

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Carmen was accepted into college causing her to move to Vermont, and pursue a career. Meanwhile, Max hosts an unsanctioned birthday party for himself.

When George accompanies Benny to the gynecologist, he discovers that she secretly gave birth to a girl after he was born and gave her up for adoption.

In the end, George decides to go through with helping his father.

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George, Ernie and, Vic and go to pull Octavio out of the ocean as a surprise present for Angie's Anniversary present. George II was going to donate a kidney, but they found out that his kidney doesn't match so now it is up to George to donate the kidney.

Once they find Octavio, they have to outrun the Coast Guardbut they make it.