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Longina Musica — Offers a variety of musical instruments which include maracas, guitars, tumbadoras, and guiros.

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The museum was built by Cuban architects, Felix Cabarrocas and Evelio Govantes, between the year and It was originally built as the site of processions, fiestas, executions, and bullfights. The people of Cuba are very kind and spare no expense when it comes to showing their visitors a good time!

Here are few places to consider: The rooms are equipped with nice and modern furnishings. Muelle Luz — Take a ferry ride from Havana if you would like to visit other places like the Regla and Casablanca.

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Perhaps he felt a connection to fellow dictators regardless of their governing philosophy? And because of its ridiculously low prices for food and services it is a great place to go if you are worried about the expense of a mail order bride. Now, make sure you do your research to find accommodation suitable to your standards.

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Galeria Victor Manuel — They sell things such as paintings, figurines, and jewelry. There are a lot of choices.

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Havana City Guide - This is a great, and always up to day resource for what's going on in Havana Related items. When purchasing your ticket, make sure you know where to catch the train, because the trains depart at either the La Coubre or the Estacion Central.

If you are arriving by yacht and planning to stay for over 72 hours, there is no need to make reservations.

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It usually takes about 30 minutes to get to downtown Havana dating, depending on traffic. About twenty kilometers away from Havana, is a port called Marina Hemingway.

Activities in Havana

As a matter of fact, bring it anywhere you go, just to be safe. With its centuries old architecture, delicious cuisine and warm, tropical climate, Havana is quickly becoming the leading tourist destination for travelers worldwide.

They also provide internet and laundry services. Another popular dish is called the Moros y cristianos, a tasty blend Havana dating rice and beans.

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It serves local trains within the city boundaries. Restaurants Cuban cuisine is a splendid combination of Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisine.

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Havana dating to Stay There are a good variety of hotels or hostels to stay in the city to suit any budget. In Havana, a typical meal would usually consist of meat and fried food. Today, the plaza is occupied with different commercial businesses such as cafes, restaurants, and even a brewery!

Generally, they do not have a great reputation for world class service. Congri is a fine, delicious example of a traditional dish, made of fried rice, beans, bacon, and onions.

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