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I am taking a "What is my life" quiz. She loves my wurst and training. Re-equip Outfit and Weapon Likes: Hmn, I hear from Finland that she is truely sexy.

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Heh, please, I remember her Ill see u all next time! Flower lands, freedom, love Hates: Hmn, well, let's see, she brings me to karoke alot She brings me McDonalds all the time and cleans up my house!

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The guy's hand was in big pain and ran away faster then lightning. I like some of it like my powers are what i wanted.

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She's my best friend! You joined Fairy Tail and found out everything you coud about your brother, Gildarts.

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Yay, I'm part of the Axis! Also who is your brother?

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I know his name now So, please, don't let her hurt me! AND I'm the hero to top it off!

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She fought with me and I WON! She is great to have around! I choose Random ones so i will ask for a few soon but if u have one i can take it now as well.

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She should be my buddie I hear she was lost in the Bermuda Triangle She is my pride and joy. I have to work hard to get on her good side. Your pet however found a place for you to stay while you looked for a place to stay. You felt his spit in your face and slapped him right in front of everyone.

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Luckily your new pet was smart and helped on tricking them then took their boat. I'm so awesome It stayed I killed Hungary with my Awesomeness! SO I never shoot at her.