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How do you hook up a remote starter switch, more related articles

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If your car has a dial that controls the lights to the left of the steering wheel, the wire should be located behind the kick panel. I only get one click at the solenoid.

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You can also check online for the ignition switch circuit for your car. Consult your remote starter manual. I assume you're referring to hooking up a remote starter allowing you to spin the engine while you're working under the hood. Remove yourself from under the vehicle before engaging the switch.

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The wires are twisted together so gently pry and separate the wires to create a hole. Tug on the wires and make sure there is nothing loose. The wire will most likely be yellow in color.

There are a few ways to get a wiring diagram for your vehicle. The wire will have around 12 volts when you turn the lights on. Warning Some vehicle manufacturers may have warranty issues when using a remote starter switch.

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There will also be either one or two small connections on the starter relay. Be careful when doing this as they might not be exactly correct, so be sure to test Unicorn online dating wires throughout the installation.

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Connecting the power wires Step 1: Secure remote starter box. Test the remote start.

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Loosen the nut that holds the negative cable on the battery and remove the cable from the terminal. Built-in Relay on Starter Place the vehicle in "park" and set the emergency brake.

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Place the other alligator clamp of the switch on the small connector of the starter relay. Remove any plastic panels around the steering wheel.