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Depending on brand of refrigerator, you will need certain types of water filters. Make sure you leave extra tubing coiled behind the refrigerator, so you can move the refrigerator when necessary.

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Turn the water on at the water valve you just installed. Step 11 — If there are no leaks, plug in your refrigerator and turn the ice maker on.

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These can scratch or damage the material. You may have to drill a hole through the wall or the floor if needed to get the other end to the water valve.

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Refrigerator Ice Maker Water Line Installation Kit You will need a fridge water line kit if you have no water valve already installed Here is how to tap into the cold water pipe and get cold water to your refrigerator ice maker and water dispenser: Unplug refrigerator or disconnect power.

Icemaker power switch in the O OFF position. Freezer compartment too warm. If you have a water dispenser on your fridge, dispense about a gallon of water and spill it down the kitchen sink drain. Therefrigerator you have purchased may have some or all of the items listed below.

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Wait 24 hours for the freezer to reach its ideal temperature. You will need to locate where the cold water pipe is, drill to access it, and install a water valve and flexible water tubing. Locate the cold water source closest to the refrigerator.

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Be sure to put a gasket seal between the valve and the T-fitting. Failure to do so may result in the shelf falling or spilling food.

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You can call of dependable operation. Get a large empty bucket. Step 8 — Now your plastic water tube should be connected to the cold water valve you just installed.

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It alerts you to safety messages that inform you of hazards that can kill or hurt you or others, or cause damage to the product. As shown button as operation of the button is based on touch in the illustration below, air enters at top of the freezer and sensing method and becomes slow or other buttons may circulates down.

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If you have a choice, select a vertical pipe not horizontal, as sediment can enter the fridge water line easier 2 Types of Water Valves can be used Saddle Valve or In Wall Water Valve for Refrigerator Water Line Step 2 — You will be drilling a hole into the cold water pipe so turn off the main water supply to your complete house.

Put the end of the water line into the empty bucket. Slide on the pressure nut and then the ferrule from the water line kit onto the plastic water line then carefully attach the nut water line to the refrigerator water inlet valve. If you find any leaks simply tighten the nuts or the screws on the water valve only slightly until leak stops.

This sealing washer is what prevents water leaks so be sure it is tight enough until it swells to cover and seal the hole.

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Make sure the door is aligned with the cabinet. Shut off the water supply.

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Tighten any connections that leak. Tilt the door down and pull it out.

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Attach the free end of the copper tubing to the valve. Step 9 — Now the other end of your water tubing needs to be connected to the refrigerator.