Sigh. I'm having no luck at the online dating thing. | ResetEra Sigh. I'm having no luck at the online dating thing. | ResetEra

No luck dating, 2. read over your profile to check for grammar & spelling mistakes

1. Make Sure You’re On the Right Dating Site

And I don't want to date a guy in his 50s. Jan 11, Uzumaki Goku said: I think you are an absolute knockout.

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Consider expanding your dating radius - if you were willing to date someone before who lives up to 20 miles away, then change that to 50 miles So - based on what you said, it is pretty hard to know what to suggest.

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Email your question in complete confidence to questions midlifebachelor. Because I had great luck dating in my 20s, but suddenly, at age 36, no guy seems to want a second date with me.

You could also ask a friend for help, but, at the very minimum, you should double-check your own profile.

Or it could be come combination of any of the aforementioned. I would almost understand if I was rude, unattractive, or a bad date - but ALL of those dates went well. This works to your benefit, since you can see who the idiots are out there.

Online daters want to see your face, body, and photos that show what you like to do, so upload at least one portrait, one full-body shot, and one action photo e.

Making even a few small changes No luck dating make a big difference. So my question is, am I too "old" for these guys?

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Know also that online dating does require a lot of time, and a lot of "false starts" I can make several educated guesses I don't know, I guess I'm just at a loss right now You No luck dating be self-deprecating, satirical, highbrow, or something else.

Good luck - please report back with how things go.

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I have to say Stop sending texts and messages. Try talking out loud to a friend about yourself and your dating preferences, and have them write down or type out an example profile while you talk. It could also be something you are doing on the date itself - such as talking too much?

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What age range do I need to target? You are certainly very attractive and intelligent Use plenty of fish. POF allows you to be free to show who you are. But now, I'm not sure what's going on.