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It Places to hook up in el paso matter what business it is, it will go under! Illegal as it may be, when people venture into the building, strange voices are heard, and when leaving people have reported loud banging noises, and when looking back they saw the trunk of their car dent in and out as if being pounded on.

Many strange noises come about also during the later parts of the night, especially after a rehearsal or performance.

Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - Illinois

Chicago - The Congress Hotel - Numerous cold spots all over the old hotel and TV's going on and off for no reason at night. Anaheim - Red Cross House - It is said that it is haunted by the original caretaker.

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Although the school is gone the graveyard for it is still around. Capitola - Soquel Drive - This old house marked "20" on the entrance is extremely haunted.


Witness Daniel Calhoun, 52, said: The POST grant funds were spent in Belleville - The Ghost Tracks - Possible Urban Legend - The ghost tracks are the alleged resting place of a young boy killed by a train on the tracks.

Sounds of steps can also be heard faintly. Clovis - Andleberry Estate - This was a mansion with an adjacent asylum for woman in the 's. It was the armory at the time and was used as the Morgue. Lovejoy walking around his monument.

Georgetown - Vermillion county - Ridge farm - These towns are located in Illinois almost every cemetery is haunted.

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The first time they went to give her a funeral a fierce storm struck up and cause the towns people to delay the funeral till the next day, the next time they tried to give her a funeral another storm came out of no where and the live stock started charging thru town, at that point the towns people stopped trying to give her a funeral and just brought her to Rosehill Cemetery, From that day her sprit has been seen around Somersville and the other locations where the mining towns use to be know as The Black Diamond Mines in eastern Contra Costa County and other locations off of m arsh creek rd.

Champaign - Church St. The house has big iron gates with 2 "R"'s on it. Rumor has is that you can see "orbs" or flashes of small lights moving very quickly around the park site late at night where the house sits. The hotel workers have pictures of orbs and many stories as well as some documentaries have been filmed on the hauntings.

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Many people who have ventured into the run down Asylum have heard strange noises and have even seen apparitions. Whatever was going on in that building after the emplo yees left was bad enough that the carpet cleaners would never come alone.

When he looked up he saw a boy hanging from a rope. The statue is enclosed in glass, protecting it from the elements. Many people have had encounters with ghost at this site, during the day and at night the ghost don't have a preferred time. Employees of then Spaso Speakeasy were almost asphyxiated by gas fumes when setting up before opening one day, everybody began to get sick, it was later discovered that the gas for the fireplaces had been turned on but not lit.

Believed to be a hoax created by 8th grade students to scare the new 7th graders. The Dean Of The College committed suicide The cluster of balloons were apparently inadvertently launched when a parent bought the balloons in for a celebration at the suburban school.

Things moved in the night. Common sense says it Marya kenya dating a plane or a balloon, but this thing stopped everyone in the street for two blocks.

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Boy said to be hatchet to death. In the s they dug up a total of 8 skeletons in the area where they were going to expand the building. She took ill while on a family trip with her parents.

Reports include tapings, screams, shadows, lights inside, cold fields, and fog. Adelaida - Adelaida Cemetery - A ghost wearing a long white nightgown makes her appearance in this old cemetery every Friday night, between 10PM and midnight.

About two years ago it became John Hancock High School.

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In the house you will find a staircase that leads into the ceiling. Bakersfield - Melodrama Musical Theatre - The theatre is located at the northern most end of the city in an area called Oildale, a community grown out of the oil industry.

Electroshock and cold therapy were some of the ghastly methods used on patients.