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As the series predates most ironic uses of this, Slater manages to come across as cool and slightly but harmlessly rebellious. The Junior Prom is coming up, but Bayside is plagued with heartache.

Belding, we need to talk.

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Kelly and Jessie were both Brother Chucked and replaced with Tori in the fourth season. Zack eventually dated Kelly, and Slater started dating Jessie.

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Melissa, the girl in the wheelchair during one of the Tori episodes, really hates being treated differently. He also does what he can to help out the Monster of the Week, if said monster isn't actively trying to hurt someone.


Can they keep their lives safe and protect each other as the ex and his family and friends start making things a lot more dangerous for everyone around?

Seemed to teach a wide variety of classes and coach a wide variety of clubs.

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While initially appearing to be a straight up Jerk Jockit's revealed that his best friend is gay and he's completely accepting of it - even warning his Alpha Bitch of a girlfriend not to spread rumours about it in case he gets bullied.

I haven't written anything in a while. Tommy Dawkins, the titular werewolf is a good-natured guy if a little ditzy at times and goes on to be good friends with the local weird goth guy, Merton.

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The important thing is, somehow the girls end up mad at Slater because technically Zack has made it seem like Slater was in on it by the end. AC Slater is a star wrestler and basketball player and, while a bit of a hothead, he's ultimately good natured.

Harry ended up passing out due to the presence of the Dementors while the two were racing for the Golden Snitchand Cedric didn't notice until after he caught it.

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Though sometimes connected to one, he is rarely the main man of the high school and will usually be in contrast to an actual Jerk Jock. Basketball and track star at Bayside High School.

Calvin from A Wrinkle in Timewho's said to be a popular athlete at Meg's school but has no problems hanging out with geeky, bespectacled Meg and going on a multidimensional space quest with her and her brother Charles Wallace.

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Mashin Hero Wataru Series: In this case, Zack sees his friend Slater's potential move as an opportunity to force him out of the running to be Kelly's boyfriend.

I'm up for anything with my cohorts, my 5 best friends. His friends on the football team also seem nice enough. Taken further by Matt explicitly being stated as more of an art kid than a quarterback, he just happens to have the brains to back himself up on the field.

Second one shot ZackxOC there will be more to come. This is Zack's time to shine.

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Soon the group tries to help her but all of their lives are now in danger.