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The pirate organisation an essay on the evolution of capitalism. The pirate organization : lessons from the fringes of capitalism (book, ) []

Thus, sea pirates, pirate radio stations, cyberpirates and biopirates are particular instances of a broad category of organizational agents we call the pirate organization. It defends a public cause by promoting values that go against the will of the state, and focuses its action on the most deterritorialized fringes of capitalism—the gray areas wherein sovereign states have yet to reach a consensus regarding what constitutes legitimate ownership and control of territory.

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This allows the leading sovereigns to control the social and economic order and reinforce their position by levying taxes. The latter enact alternative principles with respect to value creation, value capture, and value distribution.

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These reassuring antagonisms lack validity. Social Issues in the Study of Management. By lobbying to disqualify and outlaw pirates, firms redraw the boundary between the normal and the criminal and can thus act upon and against the pirate organization.

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Only later were rules reframed to allow a legitimate industry to thrive, he says. Copyright The Financial Times Limited First published in French to great critical acclaim and commercial success as LOrganisation Pirate: The states and organizations-of-the-milieu continuously work to capture what eludes them, namely what pirate organizations smuggle out of gray areas.

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Pirates decipher the mysteries of capitalistic appropriation and introduce variations into the capitalistic code itself. The first involves seizure of a territory along with its organic system of micro-exchanges as when the East India companies settled permanent trade posts to enforce their claim to ownership of the trade routes.

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Courted and feared by states and organizations-of-the-milieu, the pirate organization breaks the existing codes and creates new ones, which can later be reappropriated by legitimate social authorities. So the website www.

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The pirate organization is the historical subject that blurs the boundaries of capitalism by reshaping the normative fabric woven by the sovereign state onto the territorial fringes where the future of capitalism is being played out. The existence of the pirate organization compels us to reassess the standard assumption that posits sovereignty as fixed and exogenously given, especially since piracy usually heralds the renewal of capitalism and the emergence of new industries and business models.

The pirate organization eludes the usual categories, from bandit to enemy of humanity, and the legitimate businesses that fall victim to acts of piracy are left with difficult decisions to make.

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And although most people see pirates as solitary anarchists out to destroy capitalism, it turns out the opposite is true. Business education, but not as we know it.

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His ongoing research on the global arms industry received the inaugural Grigor McClelland Doctoral Dissertation Award in We could learn a lot from them--if only we paid more attention.

When the capitalist economic model was still in Lds widows dating infancy, normalization was primarily achieved with the help of state monopolies, as exercised most notably by the several European East India companies Vergne,