ICYMI: Zalfie reveal just how long they’ve been together and you’ll be surprised – Maximum Pop! ICYMI: Zalfie reveal just how long they’ve been together and you’ll be surprised – Maximum Pop!

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Inspired, she started her own blog. Subscribers are welcomed into the cosy world of her bedroom to share in everything from a red lipstick tutorial, a Topshop haul or a Friday-night movie sesh with boyfriend and fellow vlogger Alfie. Zoe confirmed it on her blog.

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Clare Geraghty gives the lowdown on the first family of social media In the glossy brave new world of vloggers video bloggers to the uninitiated one family reigns supreme, clocking up more subscribers, views and mega-fans than all of the others put together. Twenty-four-year-old Zoe, all tumbling brunette locks and wide-eyed innocence, has built her success on the approachability and realness of her vlogs.

Leave comments below and also this is my first blog and I am confused about evrything so PLZ help me and like or do whatever. Inthe stubbly year-old wrote The Pointless Book and two further books are planned for this year; he even boasts an online shop flogging Pointless merchandise to his loyal band of followers.

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DaddySugg is particularly fond of a Sugg-themed hashtag, getting suggsunday and sugglets trending. So what did you think, do you ship Zalfie, are you happy or mad.

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By April she had one million YouTube subscribers, her viewing figures snowballed from there and the rest is history. In short, she is a new generation celebrity.

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So everyone PLZ give them their privacy and stop commenting Zalfie on every video of them together. Such is the power of the posts of Wiltshire-born Zoe that skincare brands such as Simple and fashion labels including Topshop are queueing up to work with her.

The news has spread like wildfire!!!!


Graham, aka DaddySugghas 72, Twitter followers and is more private than Tracey. Tracey boasts 78, Instagram followers to put that into context, she only follows 18 people ; posts are frequently about Zoe and Joe, although she also includes her attempts at running and When did zalfie start dating of her home, Sugg HQ.

Even though Zalfie confirmed it they are not going to be a youtube couple and want their privacy. Zoe and Alfie had been shipped for 2 years which means everyone wanted them to become a couple and have finally decided to end all the commotion about Zalfie.


Zalfie, at first said that they might say that they are not dating and make up an excuse but everyone already knew about there love so they decided to give up and just tell everyone. In Jim's Vlog, Zoe's computer screen was showing and the wallpaper was of the couple looking at each other lovingly which people thought was them kissing and everyone went crazy commenting Zalfies real everywhere.

This made the couple mad because no one wrote good video on his Vlog.